Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Majestic Princess

Yesterday we finished off the cruise season here in Abu Dhabi by receiving the huge cruise ship Majestic Princess as it docked in Abu Dhabi for the day. I was hired together with 44 (!) other guides, to take some of the 3600 passengers on a city tour.

The arrival of this ship marked a first for receiving a ship this far into the summer, AND also during Ramadan, which obviously was a tough one for the guests who were mostly elderly people.

The reason this ship came so late in the season was that it is on a special one-off trip. This ship only launched in March, and this trip was scheduled to move it from Barcelona to its new home port of Shanghai. It has passed through Europe, Aqaba in Jordan and Dubai on the way and after Abu Dhabi it will be continuing on to India and further throughout Asia, to eventually end up in China.
Some of the guests were going to be on the ship for the whole trip - 57 days!

Yesterday was a very hot day, 43 degrees, but all my guests took it in their stride and they had a lovely visit to the Grand Mosque, the Heritage Village and the Fish Market amongst other sights. I do believe that they enjoyed the drive-by sightseeing from the air-conditioned bus the most though..!

So that's it for this season!
I hope that next season brings a bit more work for me, so that I get a good routine going. I so enjoy guiding, but mostly I enjoy the encounters and the conversations I share with the guests.

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