Monday, 12 June 2017

Oh, the places you'll go

Today was a big dag for our Linnea, it was her Graduation Day from PYP to MYP (=Primary School to Middle School). The teachers and staff had prepared a wonderful Promotion Ceremony for all the Grade 5 kids, and the auditorium was full to the brim with proud parents and other family members.
We had been out to buy a new dress for the occasion and we got up extra early this morning to put the hair up in a pretty bun with blue flowers.

The auditorium was decorated with fairy lights, silver and blue stars and balloons and a long red carpet as the theme was "Oscar-style". There was a few speeches from the Head Master and a few of the teachers, and also we got a recap of the EY1-Grade 5 years, by the students.

Then they were presented with their certificates:

A short movie clip of the receiving of the certificate:

Also we got to listen to "Oh, the places you'll go", recited by all six Grade 5 classes.

A glittery confetti rain to end the ceremony!

After the ceremony we were invited up to the Grade 5 classrooms, to continue the celebration and have a look at a lovely student tribute, prepared by their teachers:

The whole ceiling was covered in the Grade 5's baby photos, and all their aspirations for the future, very cute!

Proud parents:

Linnea with her Grade 5 teacher, Miss Kim:

It really felt like the last day of school with all these festivities, but no, we still have a few days to go before school is out next Thursday. 

We took one happy little graduate for lunch though as they were dismissed early. Nutella pancakes seemed fitting to celebrate the big promotion!
Bring on Middle School!

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  1. This looks like such an amazing ceremony. Linea looks so beautiful for her special day. Shame I won't be in MYP next year to see her in the corridors.