Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Halloween 2016

I know it's no surprise that Halloween comes on the last of October every year, but it still kind of crept up on me this year. It has really been the most hectic weeks for me in... a very long time, with my Tour Guide course and exam, having had guests all last week and Pia's last week here too.
I didn't even decorate the house for it this year, which is probably a first for me!!

Anyhow, the kids were lucky enough to get invited out for Halloween. Linnea went to an absolutely fantastic Halloween Party at one of her classmates house, and Lucas went to a big compound nearby to go trick-or-treating with his group of friends.

Luckily the dress-ups were easily sorted too. Lucas' devil cape and horn were found in our Halloween box. We then sprayed his hair black and added some spooky makeup. 
Linnea's brief was that she wanted to be something new this year, preferably a unicorn. I did try and source unicorn stuff, but as time ran out we had to go with an easier option. She got to wear a borrowed Minnie Mouse costume. I think they both looked fab!

As usual they came home with an impressive haul of sweets, cookies and Halloween themed toys. It has all been confiscated until the weekend though... and I'm happy that Halloween is over for another year.

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