Sunday, 13 November 2016

From Boodles to Boucheron

I turned the big 4-0 while I was still in Brunei, although Nathan had already moved out here so we weren't together for my big day. He wanted to get me a nice piece of jewellery but wanted to wait until I got here to buy it, since you get more for your money out here, gold and diamond wise.

It took a while, but nearly a year after my big day I had finally picked out and purchased a beautiful diamond ring, a Boodles Waterfall ring in white and yellow gold:

My idea with it was to get a nice right-hand ring. A ring I could wear with most outfits and on most occasions. As amazingly beautiful as this was, I realized with time that not only did I end up only wearing it on "very special occasions" and got too scared to loose it; it was far too blingy for me...
I'm more for the subtle and sleek, classic but with an edge. I've built up a collection of well chosen pieces, mostly in gold, that I wear every day, and this ring didn't fit in.

So, I went back to visit my goldman in Dubai over the weekend, and I exchanged my Boodles ring, for this one:

The Boucheron Quatre Classique Large ring.
It is rather fittingly inspired by the architecture of one of my favourite cities, Paris. I love the combination of different golds and textures in it. It is so much more me.
It's truly stunning and I am so pleased with it. Happy at last!

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