Monday, 8 August 2016

The aftermath

So the aftermath of the burglary obviously didn't just include getting the broken car window fixed and going to the Police Station to pick up the police report. We also had to go back shopping to replace some of the things, like our basic toiletries and some of the clothes.

Of course we had brought all our favourite new clothes, and of course we had packed the bags full as "oh, we are in the car, we don't have to think about weight, it's so easy to bring whatever.."... We lost so many things... :(

Luckily some of the kids' clothes could still be found in the shops. It was really important to me to try and somewhat comfort the kids (although f.e Pooh Bear can never be replaced of course), at least I wanted to replace what I could.
It was an expensive day, as we also needed new charging cables for all our devices as all the plugs and cables were taken too. Argh. (The travel insurance better come through big time on this one...)

Unfortunately for me, my seeing glasses were also in my toilet bag. Whenever I fly, I always keep them in the hand luggage, but traveling by car... well, I packed differently.
I now need new ones urgently as my eyesight is really, really bad. We soon found out that none of the local opticians can make glasses in less than 14 days. Panic!
This is why we have to go to Ullared later this week, but more about that then.

Apart from loosing the things, one of the worst things that have come out of this is the insecurity and mistrust I have developed. Linnea has woken from nightmares, and both kids ask a lot of questions over and over again to try and process it all. Why us? Why our car? Why in the middle of the day?
We talk and talk about it, but that feeling doesn't go away - I don't feel safe anymore. And I hate that.

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