Saturday, 7 May 2016

The friendly neighbourhood dog

Our German neighbours went away on holiday last week and since their new maid hadn't turned up as planned, we offered to dogsit their labrador Emma. It was really nice to have a dog in the house again, and since she is a very good dog, she was very easy to look after.

She walks off the leash and listens very well, so taking her for walks was an easy task. She enjoyed to have her belly scratched and we played a lot with her ball.

Emma, the friendly neighbourhood dog. She loves being outside in the afternoons with all the kids of the compound, pretending to be one of them. She sometimes participates in the fun, sometimes just sits and watches them play when she gets too hot.

Emma, the eye in the sky, keeping an eye on the movements in the compound! :)

We gave her back last night and it was rather empty this morning not having a happy pup greeting us when we woke up...

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