Sunday, 15 May 2016

A night out

We sure lead a different life here, compared to in Brunei, where we would dress up and go out almost every weekend. Nathan will go out every now and then, but I certainly am no party animal and it had been so long since I last went out, that I thought Friday night actually deserves it's own blog post!

Most people here will actually meet "out", rather than doing parties and dinners at home - hence you need to bring the big wallet because everything is so expensive and frankly, we would rather save that money, or spend it on other things.
Also, we have no maid which limits us somewhat. Of course, there are babysitters around, but that involves forward planning, so no last minute fun evenings out for us.
Lastly, we seem to socialize differently here as we don't have many friends in common. Nathan will hang with his colleagues and bike buddies over beers at the pub every so often; but I meet the few friends I have during daytime, while the kids are at school.

Anyhow, back to Friday night, when I actually did go out!
Pia and I went along to a Danish get-together at a bar down at the Cornice, Asia de Cuba. Pia is married to a Dane, and since we both have somewhat connections to Denmark, for once we thought why not!

We had a great night out at the beach deck of the bar. Yes, it was a little bit warm, but still ok actually. We enjoyed the live music and the cold beer, chatted away with some new people and even danced a little bit!

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