Saturday, 9 January 2016

Winter fun

When it's snow and cold - you can either hide away inside in the warmth, or you can embrace it and go have some winter fun. We did a little bit of both, and ice skating proved a huge success - so much so we had to go two days in a row, once the ice skating rink opened again after New Year.
Skara Ishall - my old ice rink, I've spent many, many hours on the ice here..!

A little bit unstable at first, but after a bit of a warm-up they did really well, considering they haven't been skating since last time we were in Sweden for winter,  which was nearly three years ago.

Full speed ahead!

The kids found some other kids to play with. They set up a little bit of an obstacle course and took turns practising turning skills:

On the second day I had found MY skates, in a box in the garage! I wore four layers of clothing, so I was padded nicely!

Linnea had enough after falling over a few times, and took her grumpy self over to the big rink to watch the group of figure skating girls instead:

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