Saturday, 9 January 2016

A quick Copenhagen stop-over

We spent one night in Copenhagen on the way home, with the Enderleins. Super sweet to get to catch up with our friends, even if it was too short. Kids got a quick little play before it was bedtime (their two were going to school the next day), we were treated to yummy home made pizza, and Katja and I enjoyed some nice wine and a good chat.

Konrad and Lucas brought out the light sabers, of course. The force was strong.

Filippa is nearly as tall as Lucas! (She's the same age as Linnea!)

And the next morning before the flight, we met up with my friend Christina, and lovely Miss O, at the airport for a quick coffee.

We flew the Emirates A380 super jumbo back to Dubai - what a monster! As it takes 615 passengers, it took forever and ever to board. At least the flight time was only 5h 45 thanks to some heavy tail wind, so even though we left late, we got there on time.

I enjoyed the rays of sun just coming through the clouds, beautiful.

It had been a while since I've been on a flight that needed de-icing before take-off!

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