Tuesday, 7 July 2015

From idle into action?

After our many years in Brunei, we are used to the month of June being crazy busy with lots of summer parties, school happenings and farewells - end of the school year being a given time to leave for many.
I must say that it hasn't really been the same busy time here in Abu Dhabi... Actually, I rather feel like my life has been idle for most of June. Life has rolled on, but not much has happened. I did enjoy my fab Singapore trip of course, and having visitors, but apart from that I've been feeling rather... blah, and the blog as well have been quite quiet!

I'm so looking forward to our summer. I need to get out of the sandpit for a while, not only to escape the scorching heat but to get a change of scenery. It'll be just the kids and I for most of the holiday, for the second summer in a row, but at least we have lots of fun plans!

We will chill at Mormor and Morfars house, eat all the food we've been missing, watch Swedish TV, go for walks in the woods, ride our bikes, enjoy the outdoors, go shopping, watch summer theater, hang out with my cousins, go to the playground, go swimming in a lake etc etc.
We will go to the other side of Vättern and catch up with a whole bunch of my UFO-friends, who are meeting up for the first time in a long time, having a huge summer party.
We will go to Greece for a week, together with Erika, on a "proper" holiday! We are revisiting an old haunt of mine, the island Lefkas, where I was a tourist rep TWENTY (yes... I'm that old...) years ago.
We will go to Jylland (Denmark) and see some friends we haven't caught up with for years, Lucas' very first best friend Lukas and his family. We will also go to Legoland, and visit my friend Kamilla.
We will hang in Copenhagen for a long weekend, and catch up with the Skygang and other friends.
We will have friends visit and go stay in a stone-age hut at Ekehagen, one of the largest archaeological open-air museums in Sweden. A village which brings to life our oldest history.
We will have a last-evening-magic-show.
We will finish off in Scotland where we'll meet up with our cousins - and catch up with Nathan who will join us there for the very last part of the holiday.

Yes, I think we will get enough action for a while! Let's go, let's go!

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