Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Silent voices IV

Anne and Frederik came up from Dubai yesterday, just during the day while the kids were at school, to catch up a bit. They had some things they wanted to get at Yas Mall, so we had our lunch there and went for a little browse.

Anne and I fell over this temporary exhibition, 'Silent Voices IV', which is raising awareness and funds for victims of human trafficking. The Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation have collaborated with a shelter that houses some of these women; these artworks are the result of a series of workshops where art was introduced as a way for them to rehabilitate.

It was quite emotional to see some of the work this unique group of women had created, and read their thoughts and stories around their projects. If you have a spare moment this week, visit Yas Mall and this exhibition until the 14th May.

The masterpiece of the exhibition - the Skittle Installation. "No matter what life bowls at you and knocks you down, you can get up and face it again".

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