Thursday, 7 May 2015


It's been a bit quiet on the blog lately. Not much is going on to be honest, "just" the usual stuff, school, housework, flying, exercise etc.
Rugby season is over so Linnea is only going to gymnastics on Tuesdays, and Lucas is doing CrossFit twice a week.

At school, Lucas and his friends have grouped up and are working on their big end-of-the-year project, a huge exhibition that the Grade 5s do each year. Lucas' group are researching bullying. The presentation is in a couple of weeks and we are all very excited about it. I can't believe this is it then for him, end of Junior School...
Linnea finds it easier to read now at school with her new glasses and she's been very responsible looking after them.
Only six weeks to go before Ramadan kicks in, when apparently school will finish at 12pm every day. Then two more weeks of that until we are done for the year. Time flies!

Nathan has been flying to some new places lately, like Bombay and Düsseldorf, but he hasn't seen much more than the airport hotels unfortunately. He had a Seyschelles scheduled next week, but that got removed and he's off to Saigon instead. Not bad either, it all sounds exotic to me!

I'm just hanging about here, dodging the heat. It's getting hotter and hotter by the day, today it was 42 degrees at school pick-up time..! Summer is certainly just around the corner. It's funny though how you adapt - anything under 45 degrees is still kind of okay..! :D

We have just more or less made the big travel plans for the summer, so now I have to sort out all the tickets. Our summer holiday will consist of a mix of Sweden and Denmark, hopefully with some Greece thrown in (!) - and finishing it all of with Scotland on the way home.

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