Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Coronacleaning, round 2

In the beginning of the pandemic, last spring while we were in lockdown, I went through the whole house and gave it a real clear out and clean up. Felt real good, but - since that's been a while already, it's time to start all over again!

This week we got stuck into a project we have been discussing for a while, to get an extra drinks fridge to free up some space in the normal fridge. You know, for actual food and such..!

We wanted to keep it in our storage room but weren't entirely sure how to go about it, so in the end we pulled everything out of the storage room to sort of start from scratch. It was a good thing, because we haven't really cleaned under those shelves since we put them there years ago.
Seeing all the stuff out of that room made me wonder how it would all fit back in though...

But of course it did, it's like Tetris! Found a good space for the fridge and took the opportunity to reshuffle a bit to optimize the use of that room. So pleased now!

And the new fridge got stocked real quick! Cheers!

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