Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Even better!

I didn't think the weather could get any better, but believe it or not, the rain continued today - nearly ALL day again! Yay!
We even got some thunder and lightning this afternoon, and whereas Oakley really wasn't sure what was going on with all the loud noise - I loved it! It was right over the house, a proper thunderstorm!

School pickup was an interesting experience today. I took some umbrellas for the kids so they wouldn't get soaked on the way to the car, but as it turns out, all the wet came just as much from below..! This country just isn't equipped for this much rain, and everything floods... the roads, the gardens, the pitches at school, the walkways... 

Again I stood there with the biggest grin on my face and just enjoyed it all - and so did most of the kids! They came out and jumped in the puddles, laughed and put their faces to the sky - like they had never seen rain before, some of them! Well, it sure is exotic in this part of the world!

It was equally funny to watch all the parents, and the different ways they had equipped themselves to try and stay dry in the rain - not a rain coat in sight, but some with card boards, some with sun shields from the car, tiny kids umbrellas etc; the locals hoisting up their white dress not to get them wet and people jumping here and there to - in vain might I add - try to avoid the puddles and mud.

We got home without any bigger problems than some extra muddy shoes and clothes, but we just got a message that school might be cancelled tomorrow due to the flooding and some power issues due to the "extreme" (ha ha) weather. So watch this space.

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