Thursday, 17 September 2015

Our gorgeous boy

Lucas really enjoyed the CrossFit Kids training he did last term, so he decided to continue this year as well. He likes the varied training sessions and he has found some good friends there who he has a lot of fun with; and he really likes his coach, Ms Annie, who was his Grade 5 teacher at school.
So this term we try to get him there for all three sessions they offer each week. The CrossFit gym is too far away from everything, so there is no time to do something else while he's there, so I usually just sit and wait.

Yesterday I decided that instead of just sitting there twiddling my thumbs, I would partake in the CrossFit MetCon session purposely scheduled at same time. We did a "Mile Run" ladder for time: Run 1 mile - Rest 3 mins - Run 800 m - Rest 2 mins - Run 400 m - Rest 1 min - Run 200 m.
While I've never been a fast runner, I'm also not very fit at the moment and running outside in 38 degrees was... hot. The sessions are only 45 minutes, so when I came back in after my 400m, I got told I wouldn't have time to finish the workout, as I was the last one. Ah well, no biggie, not the first time that's happened! :)

In the car on the way home, I asked Lucas how his workout had been, and after telling me all about it, he asked what we had been doing. The following conversation happened:
- So what did you do Mummy?
- We did a "Mile Run" ladder.
- ONLY running? No burpees or anything??
- Hang on, we ran quite a lot outside (I showed him the distance, and explained the workout), it was hot, and hard! Although I didn't get to finish the last bit.
- Why not?
- I was the slowest, so the coach had to cap my workout.
- Why?
- Because everybody else had finished when I had one more bit to go. I was too slow.
- Hm... (Thinking) That's not nice.
- Well, I have to get fitter, and be faster for next time!
- (Thinking some more) Was it only girls running?
- No, it was a mixed class, there was one man and four women.
- Ah! So Mummy, don't worry, if there had been more people I'm sure there would've been someone else slower than you!
- (Smiling) I don't know buddy, maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter. I'm not a fast runner and I'm not so fit. That's why I need to come back and train more, so I get faster!
- I would've been sad if I didn't get to finish my workout Mummy... You know, I could've waited for you! You could've just finished after class!
- Yes maybe I should've..! Good thinking!

Do I need to say that my heart was swelling up from his very caring comments, and driving home I got tears in my eyes from listening to my son trying to boost my confidence. Our gorgeous boy.

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  1. Så sött! Fina ord från din son.
    Om ni hade det lika fuktigt i AD igår som det var här i Dubai så bör ni ha guldmedalj för att ni sprungit utomhus!
    Önskar dig en fin helg!