Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Royal Luncheon

Today my teacher collegues Emma and Liselotte from Swedish School and I, got invited to a very special Luncheon; with Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden.
The Queen is currently visiting the country together with an accompanying delegation, to take part in The Global Child Forum which is held tomorrow in Dubai.

The Luncheon in the honour of Her Majesty was hosted by Sheikh Nayhan bin Mubarak Al Nayhan, the UAE Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development - at his palace here in Abu Dhabi.
We got to meet a number of diplomatic, economic, cultural and social figures both from Sweden and the UAE.

We all got to greet and shake hands with the Queen and the Sheikh. They were both really lovely and friendly, and seemed to enjoy themselves in the relaxed setting.

So did we!

We got to enjoy some Arabic coffee (they put cardamom in it, it's so delicious), and some incense.

Then it was time to move into the banquet room and enjoy the feast that was awaiting us. So much lovely food, it was impossible to try and taste it all! We had very savory lamb, and I also got to taste camel meat for the first time.
I just love the flavours and colours of the local food.

The meal was concluded with some Arabic sweets. We didn't manage to find out what it was, but it tasted a bit like saffron, and it was really yummy!

Unfortunately there wasn't really any time to take any photos with The Queen. We had hoped to get to take a quick snap to show our students at the Swedish School. Especially since we've just done a lesson about the Royal Family and it's history.

Anyhow, this Luncheon sure was an extraordinary experience, the hospitality of the Sheikh was outstanding and meeting The Queen of course was very special.
Not your ordinary Wednesday outing, that's for sure!

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